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Bottle Shock vs. Bullshit.

Here's what we believe in...

BottleShock is...

Brilliant Sourcing

Our job is to scour the wine world to bring you the most exciting products possible. Even with something as traditional as wine there is always something super exciting going on out there and we want to be ahead of the curve and helping you put something new, delicious and exciting in your glass.


Being Smarter

Choosing from all the wines out there can be pretty daunting so it’s no surprise that people often feel overwhelmed and fall back on big-brands or discounts to make decisions. That’s not our way; we want to get to know you and help you understand exactly what it is you like to drink so whether buying from us or elsewhere you can make smart decisions that help you get the maximum bang for your buck.


Better Service

Having good products is great but it’s never enough, whether it is around deliveries, tastings, pairing suggestions or any other part of our services you can think of our job is to over deliver on your expectations. This starts with our ‘no problem’ returns service – we want you to try new wines, if you find you don’t like something from us just let us know and we’ll collect the remaining bottles and refund you for the one you tried.


BottleShock is not...

Boring Selection

We’re not here to offer you the same products that a lot of other companies list so there’ll be no big name Champagnes or Bordeaux and we work directly with most of our suppliers. It’s not that we don’t like these products, a lot of them are fine but for us they don’t represent what’s exciting or interesting about the wine world at the moment.


Bullshit Savings

We’re never going to offer a case of wines you’ve never heard of at an amazing 50% discount. Here’s why –those offers are only ever worth the discounted amount, in our opinion, the ‘real’ price is normally massively inflated. If you’d like to save money on wines with us there’s one way to do it – take advantage of the rebate we offer on all orders (up to 20%) and get into the habit of making a saving every time you order. 


Big Scores (necessarily)

We choose our range because we love it; if critics do too that’s fantastic and we’ll be sure to let you know. However, our choice to list something and our pitch to you will be never be, “it got 97 points from X” – we’ll always tell you why we love it and stand behind our choices.


Bottle Snobs

We view wine as something to enjoy not something to measure social status by - to paraphrase Fight Club, ‘You are not the wine you drink.’ There is nothing worse than seeing someone drinking a bottle of wine they are clearly not enjoying because it’s the ‘right’ thing to be seen drinking - we want to find out what’s right for you and help you to really get the most out of the wines you drink.

Earn 20% off with
every purchase.

Where are the special offers and case discounts you ask? 
Well here at Bottle Shock we like to do things a little bit differently - we simply offer you a 20% rebate on all orders over $800.

Place your order today and then - BOOM -  20% back which you decide how and when to use - it's a reward that works around you.

That's it. I'm convinced