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Saving You Money On The Wines You Love.

Gimmick-free great value that rewards regular shoppers.

Delivering more bang for your buck.

Here at Bottle Shock we love getting people on-board with great wines and customer service to match but much more than that we wanted to find a way to reward our customers on each and every order they place as above all we want to offer you great value time after time.
This starts with selecting wines that combine exceptional quality with great value from some of the most exciting small producers around. But we wanted to do more than this so we came up with our credit scheme which makes sure that you are rewarded for every single order you place with us. This allows us to be more generous and allows you to choose where and how to spend your reward - win/win we'd say!

So, just how do we do it?

Rebate on all orders

A 20% rebate on every single order you place of $800+, all the time. No time limited promos, no being pushed towards particular products by discounts; just a great reward that works around you and that can be spent on the wines you love.


Spend it when you want, how you want.

This offer is centred around you: you can access this credit whenever you choose, so you can either claim it immediately on your next order or save it all up for a treat at the end of the year. It's a tailor-made discount that you can save or spend as you prefer which guarantees a reward everytime you shop with us.


Going direct, cutting out the middleman

We buy pretty much all of our wines direct from the winery and then sell directly to you, the end customer. With no agents or middlemen we try to keep the prices down and to ensure we can offer you great value.


Focussing on small producers and stearing clear of big brands.

For us small is beautiful - mainly as working with small wineries means more direct contact with the winemakers who are the real experts on their wines. It also makes for more interesting and creative wines in our experience. The biggest benefit of all is great value - rather than paying for the 'value' of the brand with wines like these you are really reaping the direct efforts of the winemaker.