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Beyond NZ Sauvignon Blanc - 6 great alternatives to try.

Ok, we know that Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc is a super reliable wine that has lots of fans of its crisp, fresh, fruity style out there. However, here at Bottle Shock we're all about trying to get wine lovers to try something different and discover their new favourite wine as there are so many fantastic choices to get stuck into. 

In that spirit we want to offer you our six top alternatives to Kiwi Sauvignon; all of which offer a similarly delicious combination of zesty fruit flavours and crisp refreshing acidity. From classic Spanish whites via exciting Alpine whites to new world interpretations of less well know European varieties there's a range of countries, grape varieties and producers here. So strike out on the road less travelled and discover a whole host of exciting new whites... 


Albarino is one of my go-to varieties to recommend to those stuck in a Sauvignon Blanc rut and the Zarate is a classic example. Crisp and fresh with a palate packed with peach and apricot fruit it absolutely knocks most standard Sauv Blancs out of the park.

Clairette Blanche

A taste of the Southern Rhone transplanted to South Africa, Craven’s Clairette is absolutely brimming with zesty grapefruit flavours alongside a slightly pithy texture from some time on the skins during fermentation. This comes together in a white wine with real vivacity and excitement that is an exceptional partner for Vietnamese flavours.

Cotes du Jura Savagnin L'Hopital

This Savagnin has a fantastic, powerful texture which combines the grape’s natural acidity with the 18 months barrel-aging applied to this cuvee. This structure frames the dense citrus (lime leaf) and mineral flavours creating a delicious finished bottle.

Force Majeure Chenin Blanc

Imagine, if you can, that someone took a delicious tarte tatin and wired it up to the mains power supply. You’ve now got an idea of the balance of delicious fruit flavours and sheer energy that Stompie has crammed into this wine. A steely mineral core wrapped in layers of baked apple and quince – absolutely spot on!

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc

Made with exceptional levels of care in the vineyard and from a superb vintage this is Touraine punching above its weight. Plenty of citrus with just a hint of something more tropical behind it (passion fruit/mango) and bags of refreshing acidity.

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