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Wednesday Night Wines - bottles to get you over the hump

Picture the scene - it's been a tough day and you’ve still got half the week to go; you get home needing a glass of wine and the only bottle to hand is a very expensive gift. So, it's either drink that, when you’re not in the mood to enjoy it, or a trip out to 7-11 and the subsequent bottle of Yellow Tail, not a great outcome either way, we’re sure you'll agree.

But thankfully it’s an avoidable one – here we’ve picked out six of the best wines for relaxed mid-week drinking because, believe it or not, a bottle of wine doesn’t always need to be a profound experience. Sometimes it just needs to be enjoyed, without contemplation, for what it fundamentally is – delicious fermented grape juice – be it with dinner, settling in for a Netflix binge or whatever else you fancy. So get stocked up and make sure you’ve always got that perfect midweek wine to hand!

Minervois Rouge

it's a delicious, classic Southern French red wine. A blend of Syrah and Grenache it is absolutely packed with loads of juicy berry-ish black fruits and full, firm tannins alongside savory, peppery notes.

Grenache Rose

Sometimes when it’s hot and humid out nothing slakes a thirst like a glass of rose and the Zorzal is well up to the job. Nothing too complicated but dry and refreshing with loads of strawberry and raspberry fruit and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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